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Festivals and Honors Ensembles | Print |

As a member of HSMA, students have the opportunity to participate in many different festivals and honors groups. Here is a brief introduction to these opportunities, with more information available through links on the HSMA website.

Large Ensemble Festivals

Large ensemble festivals are for bands, orchestras and choirs. Because HSMA is a member of the MSBOA and the MSVMA, HSMA large ensembles are able to participate in festival and receive ratings. Large ensemble festivals include MSBOA B&O Festival (bands and orchestras) and MSVMA Choral Festival (choirs).

Solo and Small Ensemble Festivals

Solo and Ensemble festivals are for single performers and ensembles (usually as many as eight members). Solo and small ensemble festivals in which HSMA students may participate include MSBOA S&E (string, wind and percussion), MSVMA S&E (vocal), BJU Fine Arts Festival (string, wind, percussion and voice), Home School S&E (sponsored by Spring Arbor Home School Band), and HSMA Elementary S&E (sponsored by HSMA).

Honors Ensembles

HSMA students are eligible to be considered for a number of different honors ensembles. These include the Home School All-State Band, Orchestra and Choir (sponsored by the Michigan Homeschool Music Network), Michigan Music Conference All-State Band, Orchestra and Choir (sponsored by the MSBOA and MSVMA), and the Michigan Youth Arts Festival All-Michigan Band, Orchestra and Choir (sponsored by the MSBOA and MSVMA, and the Michigan Youth Arts Festival).