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Youth Arts Coalition (YAC)

Solo & Ensemble Festival

Instrumental Proficiencies I, II, III, IV for Senior High






  • Proficiencies I - IV align with grades 9 - 12 (grade 9 - Proficiency I, grade 10 - Proficiency II, etc.)
  • Students may play any proficiency which they have not already passed, up to the proficiency

at their grade level

  • Proficiencies are for solos, not ensembles; all solos events must be a minimum of two minutes
  • Percussion Ensemble will be considered one of the student’s three events




  • Piano event is a separate event from the total count for all participants
  • Each S&E student is allowed one piano event
  • Additional piano events shall come from the total of a student’s instrumental events




  • All instrumental, piano and mallet percussion proficiencies scales will have same rhythmic pattern, e.g., each measure beginning with quarter note, followed by eighth notes
  • Scales on mallet instruments are to be played the full range of the instrument, followed by arpeggios in the same number of octaves
  • Proficiency I, II, III will include major and all three forms of minor scales from the following list, followed immediately by arpeggios
  • Proficiency IV will include the following modes: 
    • Dorian starting on C
    • Lydian starting on G
    • Mixolydian starting on F
  • All scales are cumulative

REQUIRED SCALES for PIANO and PERCUSSION: Minor includes all three forms


Proficiency I  -   C/Am, F/Dm, B flat/Gm, E flat/Cm, each followed by triplet arpeggios in that key;

B flat Chromatic scale


Proficiency II - A flat/Fm, D flat/B flat m, G/Em, D/Bm, each followed by triplet arpeggios in that key

Percussion: Rolled Chord Progression in C, F


Proficiency III  -  A/f#m, E/C#m, B/G#m, F#/D#m, each followed by triplet arpeggios in that key;

Percussion: Rolled Chord Progression G, B flat


Proficiency IV  -  Modes: Dorian starting on C; Lydian starting on G; Mixolydian starting on F